Saturday, March 5, 2011

Groom 3000 and I are not really into jewelry. I wear the occasional earrings, necklace, or watch, but more often than not, I forget to accessorize before I walk out the door. In the whole time we've been together, I haven't seen Groom with any bling--not even a watch. So when it came to looking for wedding bands, we were both kind of clueless.

We decided to start looking for Groom's ring first, thinking it would be a longer process since he had no idea what he wanted. I mean, he has to wear this thing for the rest of his life. After attending a Seattle bridal show, we decided to check out a Bellevue jewlery store we saw there. They had a large selection of men's wedding bands in a variety of metals. Our options were white gold, tungstun carbide, and titanium.

Tungstun carbide is a handsome durable option, but the metal is darker. Groom decided he wanted something a little flashier.

Titanium is scratch-proof, and shiny, but it can't be resized. If your ring size changes, you have to purchase a new ring. You also can't cut through it, which means if you are ever in the emergency situation where the ring must be removed, looks like you're losing a finger. That kind of freaked the Groom out.

So white gold won out with both the flexibilty and brightness Groomy was looking for. Now it came down to design. He likes to call his style "weird" while I prefer "unique." A plain gold band was out. After trying on several rings, this is what he picked:

Turns out, shopping for my ring was even easier. I knew I wanted white gold, so my only question was: plain wedding band or diamonds? My engagement ring already has a mostly diamond band, and after losing a diamond only a few months into wearing it, I'm now very cautious with it and find myself checking it everyday to make sure every piece is there.

After trying on a plain band, I realized my engagement ring would be overpowering next to it. It was then I asked about rings between the plain one and one that is completely diamonds. With diamonds on the front side to balance out my engagement ring, and a plain back for practicality, this is the ring I chose:

I'm so excited to see us both wearing our rings--I can't believe we're less than four months away!