Sunday, September 12, 2010

An Ode to Cupcakes

How is it that I don't really like cake but I can't get enough of these cupcakes?!?!

I lived in the D.C. area for years and never once went to Georgetown Cupcake, now the star of its own TLC show, DC Cupcakes. Now that I've moved out to the Seattle area, Groom 3000 and I can't get enough of these local cupcake boutiques! They're everywhere! 

So far, we've been to New York Cupcakes where we picked up a six-pack of day-old cupcakes (by far cheaper than buying them fresh and just as good!) The packs came prepackaged so we got a variety of yummy (and pretty!) cupcakes. 

We found Pinkabella by accident. While strolling through an outdoor mall, I saw a lady walking with a pack of cupcakes. I had to go find those cupcakes. The searching around the mall paid off--we found Pinkabella and enjoyed two of their super cute and super delicious treats--with milk, of course. The shop itself is a pink wonderland--like you'd imagine your grandma's kitchen to be, if your grandma made hundreds of cupcakes every day. 

A beautiful Pinkabella tower of deliciousness. 

My favorite cupcake joint so far has got to be Trophy Cupcakes. Amid the Luis Vuitton and Gucci couture shops, there's this little cupcake place I wish I could call home. I had a salted caramel chocolate cupcake from this place (with some milk! Oh, 2% makes a cupcake go down soooo smoothly!) and I can't wait to go back. 

All this talk of cupcakes makes me really wish we'd looked into cupcakes as opposed to your standard wedding cake. I hear cupcakes are all the rage, but it all makes so much sense! You order the number you need, you can have as much variety as you want, and they're perfectly portioned! Did you know there's a standard size piece of cake? How do you cut the cake so precisely? Do you use a ruler? Gah! 

Before we moved, we met with Groom's stepsister's pastry chef colleague who baked us a mini yellow cake with chocolate icing in the cooking school kitchen. It made Groom3K so happy to have almost a whole cake to himself! Not only did we get a great deal on our cake (she only charges PER PERSON..not per size of the cake), we also got the flexibility to design our own cake. Chef drew up three sketches--a taller and narrower 3-tiered cake, a standard 3-tiered cake, and a tall 4-tiered cake. The dramatic shape of the 4-tiered version made it an obvious choice.  

Still, I can't help but dream of towers of cupcakes...



P.S. Countdown to the great dress hunt: 6 days!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bride3000 is back in business, baby!

It's been SO long since I've last posted and let me tell you, moving across the country is no simple task! That's right, we made our move to Seattle in late July and after a month of adjusting, unpacking, and settling in, I think we're finally at a point where we can take a deep breath and relax!

We completed so much of our wedding planning over the summer on purpose so we didn't have to worry about it once we moved. Good thing--moving is a lot of work! So let's refresh--I'm Bride3000--I'm planning my Summer 2011 wedding in Maryland from my new home in Seattle, and Groom3000 and I just graduated from college in May. It's been a wild summer but I'll do my best to catch you up in upcoming posts. But before I do that, I gotta share that I'm shopping for my wedding gown IN TWO WEEKS!!! Mom and Dad 3000 are coming to visit and then it's one hardcore dress shopping day. Yea, that's right--we have one day to try on, pick out, and buy. Am I crazy???

I've made my appointments at three local bridal shops and pray that one of them has "it." You know, "IT." The one that will make me bawl my eyes out. Now, Randy on "Say Yes to the Dress" says "it" doesn't always happen--but I know myself. When I find the dress, I'll just know. It happened when Groom3000 and I found my engagement ring--I tried on other rings but my mind kept coming back to one.

I can't imagine what I'll look like in a wedding gown. I tried on two--not because I wanted to, but because we were in David's Bridal looking at bridesmaids dresses and mom "made me"--and I just didn't know what to feel except "SO. MUCH. FABRIC."

But now that the real Dress Day is coming, I'm getting more and more excited to begin (and finish) the search. I have a budget--no more than $1000. It's crazy how much you can spend on a dress you'll wear once for only a few hours! Unbelievable!

Luckily, there are designers out there who understand. And the dresses are beautiful! I think I'd love a lace dress, and I've found a couple I can't wait to try on.

There's this one from Casa Blanca Bridal (style 2004 from the Fall 2010 collection):

And these from Allure Bridals:

Style 8751:

Style 8764:

Style 8770:

(On a side note: I WISH my hair looked this good when it was down.)

Anyone else looking for dresses? Am I crazy to try this in one day!?!?

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Cake Confession

I don't like cake.

There, I said it.

I honestly don't know why. I have a HUGE sweet tooth, but sometimes the sponginess of the cake and dense icing is too much for my mouth. I'd take pie or cookies over cake ANY day.

Regardless, we're having a traditional wedding cake at our wedding. Groom3000 LOVES cake, so how could we not?

We had our first tasting today (of two) at a local bakery. Going in, we had a few ideas: square, off-set tiers, not a ton of decoration, and within $400. And we want chocolate icing. Yes, the traditional wedding cake is white. But for these chocoholics, a chocolate iced cake is a MUST! Besides, it's different, and we like that, too.

Mmmm, chocolate...drool.
Photo courtesy of www.annsbakery.ied 

So, today's tasting went...quick? We only sampled two flavors (chocolate and yellow) and two icings (Italian buttercream and regular buttercream). Although I wish we'd tasted some of the more specialized flavors (strawberry, lemon, butternut, etc.) the yellow and chocolate cakes were REALLY good! Moist and yummy--and I don't really like cake, remember? I preferred the Italian buttercream: less sweet so I could probably eat more of it :)

So the cake was good! But, the prices were a little surprising. A square cake costs much more than a circular cake. (Apparently, corners are costly!) In order to be in our budget, we'd have to go with a circular-tiered cake. I don't care either way, but Groom3K seemed a little sad about it ("Square cakes are more geometrically pleasing to the eyes"--I just love my math nerd). BUT, unlike most bakeries, we can pick from any cake flavor or filling for the same price. A definite plus since most bakeries charge more for special flavors.

We'll have another tasting in July with a pastry chef friend of Groom's sister. I look forward to comparing the pricing (and taste!)

Speaking of taste, we're having our reception menu tasting on Wednesday--steak, chicken, shrimp--now that's more like it! More to come!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pack, pack, pack---ackkk!

It seems like forever since I moved home from college, but still all I've been doing is pack. Unpack. Repack. Box. Bag. This post is not about the wedding (non-wedding related a.k.a. NWR) because packing has become so time consuming.

We're moving in a month and a half to Seattle but already the movers are coming to look at all our stuff. As of right now, my stuff is kinda all over my house. Momma3000 is just a little stressed about it to say the least. 

With my parents looking to move as well, I'm not only having to go through my typical belongings, but all my childhood possessions. Going through this stuff proves difficult when you're as sentimental as I am. For example: I went through all my old Barbies and found my favorite one--Wet n' Wild Christie. She had THE best hair (I've always been jealous of those with luscious locks), but one day, while dressing her, her head popped off. Yikes! 

A real Wet n' Wild Christie on eBay--too cool! I almost thought about buying a replacement!

What did I decide to do with my broken doll? I kept the head with her still-beautiful hair, of course! What am I going to do with it? I dunno. I just couldn't part with it!

This is probably how I've come to accumulate so much stuff in my short life. Groom3000 and I encounter a similar problem when going through our childhood things: we know we want to save some of the more precious possessions to share with our future children, but how do you decide what is precious enough to keep? Groom couldn't stand the thought of giving away his marble collection (do kids today even know how to play marbles). I feel guilty about giving some things away. But let's be serious: when we finally do have children, I know we're going to want to buy a whole slew of new stuff! I mean, have you seen the cool toys around today? A traditional Barbie just might not cut it.  

Although going through all my childhood stuff is not so fun, the good thing about our moving and my parents moving at the same time is they want to get rid of a lot of their furniture! You don't need that way-too-1980s-style couch that was hardly ever sat on because it was in the "formal" living room? A new brown slipcover and wow, we have a brand new couch! Groom's mom is looking for an excuse to upgrade her bedroom set and PRESTO! We're lucky our parents are so generous and we don't have to buy a ton of furniture once we get out West since I'll probably need to invest in a solid pair of rainboots (or a couple pairs).

You can't even tell this couch is 20+ years old!

On top of packing, we're in full wedding-planning mode. After vacation, we have a cake tasting, a meeting with our DJ, our reception menu tasting (surprise!), AND the movers are coming to survey our stuff. Gah!

Anyone else have a hard time letting go when going through their childhood possessions? What got to stay and what (unfortunately) had to go?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Twelve Weeks That Were

This summer, Groom3000 and I are having a blast. We've been kayaking, picnicking, outlet shopping, wine festival-ing, porch swing swinging, ice cream-ing, movie-ing (ugh, Prince of Persia was sooooo not worth it), and of course our favorite, eating. On top of all that, we're packing for our late July move to Seattle! And soon, we'll be beaching! Pretty busy for a "lazy" summer of unemployment, eh?

We also attended a wedding--my first!

I can't help but pack our schedules with trips and activities. That's because this is our first summer together! We spent 12 weeks of last summer apart when Groom interned at a large tech company in Seattle and I worked at a weekly newspaper in Maryland. Although those weeks were tough on me emotionally, they were what truly solidified our relationship into something Groom3000 and I knew could last. 

We'd only been together seven months when Groom3K left for Seattle. We'd become inseparable in the months prior and I'd never been in a real long distance relationship. Honestly, I was nervous, but I trusted my Groom and I started counting down the weeks until I visited him "out West" in August. 

So, how did we do it? 
  • Most importantly, we stayed busy. Groom3K and I both worked hard at our internships. I had my family, friends and on-campus RA job to take up my spare time, and Groom had his new roommate and techie friends. 
  • We took advantage of technology. How did people stay in long distance relationships back in the day without video chat and e-mail??? Every morning, one of us would usually wake up with an e-mail from the other. Every evening after Groom got home from work, we would chat using video Gchat for 2-3 hours. EVERY day. What the hell did we talk about? I don't know, but for me, this was the key to staying strong. 
  • I wrote old-fashioned love letters. I don't know what it is about blank note cards, but I love them! Every Sunday night for 12 weeks, I wrote Groom a card, sometimes silly and something mushy. Every Monday I popped it in the mail and like clockwork, he received it on Thursday after work. He still has them all :)
  • We formed our own mini book club. Groom3000 and I both expressed interest in catching up on some reading over the summer, so I thought hey, if we read the same books, at least we'll have something to talk about. Groom and I read very different books (I'm more of a bestseller girl, while Groom is a big Stephen King fan.) He chose the first, then I the second, and so on. Although I'm a faster reader than my Groom (he used to hate to admit that), we always enjoyed the conversation that arose from our reading. 
  • We had something to look forward to!  The first week in August, I flew out to Seattle to reunite with Groom3K. Before my trip, we talked about it constantly, and I researched and researched (as is my way) for restaurants and things to do.The escalator up to where Groom was supposed to meet me in the Seattle airport seemed to be the longest I'd ever ridden! Our reunion in the airport was like something from a movie. You know when the dramatic music starts, the man and woman run to each other, and everything around them goes blurry? Yea, it was like that.
Last summer seems like so long ago, but I'll always remember it as the summer I realized I wanted to spend my life with the man on my computer screen.  

**Coming soon: More on packing, and we have a cake tasting in a few weeks!**

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Ceremony: Somebody's Gotta Do It

Wedding officiants. You can't have a wedding ceremony without one. Yes, they sign the paperwork and organize a 20-30 minute ceremony. But honestly...that's it. So WHY do they have to be so costly?

We're on a tight budget, so I definitely did my research. I e-mailed numerous officiants. $400. $500. One reverend even said he "asks for a $700 donation." $700? You've got to be kidding. At this point I'm thinking: Can we just have my little brother, some family member, ordained online?

Luckily, my future mother-in-law, upon hearing our frustrations, found a local officiant with good reviews and offered to pay for his services as a gift! Thank you very much!

A little about our ceremony: Groom 3000 and I are not particularly religious, so we're not getting married in a church. Our ceremony will be in the evening on an outdoor patio at the same venue as our reception. Very convenient for our guests! The ceremony site looks out over the entire golf course with the Catoctin Mountains rising in the horizon. It looks beautiful at sunset!

Groom3K and I did not know much about what we wanted in our ceremony, only that we want it to be about 30 minutes (it's an important moment and deserves substance) and we want to write our own vows. Other than that, no clue.

In comes Pastor Bill.

Pastor Bill's been doing this for a while and will offer us documents with examples of readings and unity ceremonies, tips on how to write your own vows, and sample ceremony timelines. AWESOME. I can't wait to see them! A few interesting snippets from our conversation:

1) He asked if any of our family members were particularly religious. My grammy is a fairly devote Catholic and was kinda shocked to hear I would not marry in a Catholic church. Pastor Bill suggested we include a sample from the Bible in our readings. He called it "throwing grandma a bone." I think this could be a great homage to my Catholic upbringing.

2) Because of our outdoor ceremony location, Pastor Bill advises us to not opt for a unity candle ceremony. For those unfamiliar, a unity candle ceremony involves the mother of the bride and groom lighting a candle each, and the bride and groom lighting their own candle from those flames and joining them in another bigger candle--unifying the flames and the families. Groom3000 is very interested in having this ceremony as a part of our wedding (both his and my parents did this) and was disappointed when Pastor Bill said it probably won't work (a blown out candle is not a positive symbol at a wedding). Momma3000 had a great idea--use hurricane glasses to protect the flames!
Photo Source:

3) Something that caught me off guard: Pastor Bill does not write the majority of his ceremony speech until the day before the wedding! "I'm a procrastinator," he said. At first, this freaked me out. Um, a little unprepared, no? His explanation: he likes to include any last minute details that may come up at the wedding rehearsal, and, he has to "get in the zone." As a writer, I know ALL about getting in the zone--waiting for days until the inspiration fairy finally finds you.

So cross "Find an officiant" off the list. WOOT! I think I like the idea of exploring cake options next. I'm not a huge fan of cake, but Groom3000 could be the president of the fan club.

Monday, May 24, 2010

One Milestone Down, More to Come!

We did it! After four years of countless hours spent in lectures, study sessions, and exams (and lots of fun things, too!), Groom 3000 and I finally graduated from college! Because our ceremonies were almost at the same time, we were unable to attend each other's graduations (boo). Groom3000 spoke at his graduation--luckily my future BiL is also a tech whiz and recorded the whole thing. Now that it's over, I still can't believe that I'm entering the next stage of my life: the real world of adulthood (dun dun dun). It's scary, uncertain, and exciting and I am (I hope) ready to get started. 

Despite the awkward regalia, we finally did it!

Now that school is done, it's back to wedding planning before our big move out West in two months! In the coming weeks, we plan to (hopefully): meet with and select an officiant, taste some (yummy!) wedding cakes, explore our reception decor options (why are flowers SO expensive???), and make a decision on the bridesmaid dresses. All of that on top of packing for Seattle, searching for a job, going through all my possessions at my home (ugh, where did I get all this stuff?), going to the beach for some vacay, and trying to enjoy a summer off. That means more blogging in my (and your) future. So much to do and so little time! Ackkkk!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Meet (not so) Cute

I went to the podiatrist today and talked wedding biz with Nurse Wendy, who is also engaged, which reminded me that I should post another blog while sitting in my three-hour (a.k.a. lecture from hell) class. Honestly, final exams are coming up so we haven't done much of any planning (womp womp womp). The story du jour is how Groom3000 and I met. For those of you who hate mushy stuff--consider yourself warned. 

"Our" story is not romantic, cutesy, or any sort of fairy tale. If Groom3000 has his way, the story we'll tell our children involves Groom3000 saving me from a snowy avalanche in the Alps. In truth, we "met" in the way I think many college students meet -- a party. (I say "met" because the first time we actually met, Groom3000 was "dating" someone else and I honestly didn't care about him. This is the time I actually paid attention to him).

Picture the typical college party--the beer pong table, the jungle juice, the Natty Lite cans everywhere. Yep, that's where these lovebirds came to realize that they might be onto something. It was the start of our junior year. Although we'd never really had a conversation before, I remember Groom3000 asking where Madagascar was on the globe, and me being a geography nerd (back in the day, my dad and I used to play "the globe game") let him know. And the rest is history! (Mainly the rest of the night is kinda...fuzzy, if you know what I mean, ha ha).

A week later, Groom took me on a date to Outback Steakhouse (fancy for college students and does this girl LOVE chicken on the barbie!). After dinner, we went back to his on-campus apartment where he had a bottle of wine and a homemade SNICKERS PIE waiting for us! I was impressed--a man who prepares for a date AND is good in the kitchen?!?! Impossible! 

After a few dates (including a blustery ghost tour of D.C.), I was hooked! Groom3000 and I can talk and laugh and be silly together for hours. He is my best friend and I'm so lucky to have such a smart, funny, gentle, and TOLERANT man in my life. He cooks for me (we have maybe TOO good of a relationship with food, ha ha), listens when I complain and rant (probably too often), and assures me that I'm amazing whenever I need an extra boost in spirit. I can't wait to marry such a wonderful man! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Seeing Green

It's been a while since I've posted. Every time Groom or Momma3000 ask if I've added a new post, I always tell them "Noooo, there are no new developments to blog about!" However, it might also be because I'm stressed with schoolwork and sending out my first job applications. Or, I might be lazy. No matter the excuse, I apologize for the MIA.

One aspect of the wedding I have not discussed is the color theme. When I first started reading wedding magazines, I kept reading that one of the first steps of planning a wedding is selecting a theme, using words like "romantic," "whimsical," and "DIY." My problem: what the heck does any of that mean?

So, I forgot the fancy-pants words and opted to choose a color palette to work with. Despite all my indecisiveness, choosing the colors came quite naturally. It's a summer wedding, but I really love a chocolate brown (hello, who doesn't love chocolate?). Brown + pink or blue = WAY overdone. Instead, I thought of Groom3000's favorite color: green. The earthiness of a deep brown and brighter green, with a peachy-orange to highlight the palette, came to me while sitting in a 3-hour (yawns-ville) lecture. As soon as I jotted down the idea I knew we had a winner.

We're going with green for the five bridesmaids. I love brown, but c'mon, this is a summer party here!  I've been playing around on the David's Bridal website. I like the idea of going through David's for dresses because I can see the dresses in person in Seattle and my BMs can try-on and purchase their dresses at their local store. I also love the affordable prices and the fact that a large percentage of the dresses come in green, so each girl can choose the dress-style she loves best (and will hopefully be able to wear again in future).

But herein lies a question: which shade of green? David's has two contenders:



Keeping in mind the color palette, and that our wedding will be a summer evening, and that we hope to have a lot of greenery in our decor (ivy?), what's the opinion out there?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Photographer Debate

Like I said, Momma3000 suggested that while we were home for break, Groom3000 and I should start booking some vendors. Because we’re moving to Seattle this summer, we’re planning ahead for the wedding so most things are settled before our big, exciting and probably stressful move. Groom3000 and I both believe photos of our wedding are high priority—it’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, right? Little did I know that the photographer would be the biggest bone of contentions yet and take wayyyyy more time to choose than the venue!

Here are the players and their opinions on the matter:

Groom3000 wants “artsy” and “weird” photos. If you ask him what he means by that, he’ll tell you (as he’s told others on several occasions): “Like a picture of your wedding dress handing from a tree.” Huh? I know what you’re thinking—why would I hang my expensive, flawlessly white dress from a tree? What my wonderful fiancĂ© is trying to say is he wants photos in the “photojournalistic” style. For the sake of this blog, photojournalistic means candid, un-posed moments captured on “film.” Unfortunately, this “artsy” style often means paying some major moola.

Mom and Dad 3000 want to stay within budget. Back in 1980 when my parents got married, posed pictures were the bread and butter of wedding photography. They’re traditional. Momma3000 just wants a few posed photos of Bride and Groom on the mantle—and she and Daddy-O don’t want to break the bank for them. If this means forsaking a little “artsy” and “weird,” then so be it.

Bride3000 wants her picture taken on her wedding day, damnit. Whether I’m standing and smiling next to Groom3000 with different combinations of family and friends, or hanging upside down from a tree, I want to have my picture taken by a professional photographer on my most beautiful day. Is that too much to ask?

So what happened? After meeting a popular local wedding photographer, Shaun, at the open house at Venue 1 (see previous post), we found he also did a lot of work at the venue we chose. Honestly, his shooting price can’t be beat—less than $2K for seven hours of photography. Mom and Dad 3000 said the price was right. Looking through his albums on display at both venues, Groom3000 wasn’t convinced. Most of the photos in these albums were “traditional” (can you feel Groom3000 cringe?). The photographers Groom3000 really liked would force us to pay an extra $1400-$1800 (as in less money for the honeymoon). 

Accck! How could I keep all parties happy with a decision when they had very different priorities?

There was yelling. There was crying. And finally we decided to meet with Shaun. The VERY rural drive (and kinda stinky since the farmers had just laid down fresh manure in the fields), was well worth it and is probably the best planning decision we’ve made yet. Not only did Groom3000 get to see all of the gorgeous candid photos Shaun’s taken that aren’t in the albums, we also discovered we felt very comfortable talking to him. This is incredibly important because the photographer is the person who follows you around for your entire wedding day. If you don’t like him/her, how are you going to feel when they’re constantly in your face?

The moral of the story: DO YOUR RESEARCH. I’m a journalist. Journalists don’t just get the real story from Web sites and word-of-mouth. No way! A good journalist always, always gets out of the newsroom to speak directly to the source to get the facts and learn the real story, even if it means smelling a little manure along the way.  

Monday, March 22, 2010

Venue-shopping: Third time's the charm

Just coming off Spring Break and boy, there’s a whole different view from here. To be honest, going into Spring Break, I felt stressed out again. We originally planned to see four different venues, all near Frederick, Md.

Venue 1: a circa 1888 mansion popularly used for weddings (they do over 200 a year!) Although Groom300 and I originally thought this place would be the ideal venue for our wedding, we left with mixed feelings. The ceremony site is gorgeous with a beautiful white pergola (aka greenery-covered pavilion thing) and a small pond that grows lily pads and flowers. But, when it comes down to it, the reception is where the party’s at, right? We really needed an indoor reception site (we don’t like the idea of being out in the rain or our elderly relatives having to stay out in the heat for very long). The reception room was nice, but actually a little cramped (and by that, I mean the DJ gets shoved in a corner). There were fairly large pillars on the corners of the centrally-located dance floor that probably would block some unfortunate guest’s view of everything. Good crab dip, though.

Venue 2: a country club/golf club on a hill off a major highway. I’d driven past this place on my way to and from Groom3000’s house so many times, I had to give it a look. My initial impression: the highway noise is almost deafening. Don’t you need concentration and quiet when golfing? The outdoor ceremony would have to take place in the front lawn of the club, with a splendid view of the traffic! (I can just imagine: “You may kiss the bride” “WHAT?” “YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE” “OHH!”) Aside from that, the indoor reception hall was… well, in the words of Groom3000, like a funeral parlor—dark and dim, and probably full of old fogies when the club’s open. The event coordinator also let me down—instead of inviting us to sit down and chat; we all stood awkwardly in the lobby for 20 minutes. We knew that place was out as soon as we left.

Venue 3: a fairly new banquet hall at a golf club with a gorgeous view of the Catoctin Mountains. (Can you guess which one we picked?) It’s everything we wanted. A beautiful outdoor ceremony space: a stone patio with a backdrop of the green golf course, the Catoctin Mountains and valley (no highways!), and the sunset. The reception hall is very open with beautiful high ceilings, cream colored walls and dark candelabra light fixtures and exposed wooden beams, built-in dance floor, and LOTS of big windows so everyone can see the great view. Groom3000 and I loved it almost immediately—so much so that we cancelled our fourth venue visit!

Reception Hall! Photo courtesy of

Now that the date is set (June 26, 2011), the contract signed, and the deposit paid (thanks to Mom and Dad 3000), I do feel a huge relief knowing the wedding will happen, even if it means I’m wearing a white sheet down the aisle.

“It’s all downhill from here,” said DaddyO3000, but as of last week, that wasn’t quite right. Mom3000 said while I was home for break, we might as well book some vendors. Who knew choosing a photographer would be so stressful? Don’t you just stand, smile, and then click? NOPE. That’s a whole ‘nother story for next time. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The wedding is on--off--on--off--ON!

Last week, I told Groom3000: “We’re eloping.”

Saturday—Bride3000 looses it: I’d been searching for wedding venues on the Internet for what seemed like the millionth time and came to the conclusion that planning a wedding would be the death of me. The most desirable locations were waaaay outside my budget and I found that the stress of simply searching for venues haunted my dreams and caused my skin to break out. The whole thing looked hopeless.

“I can’t do this, I just can’t do this,” I cried to Groom3000 every night last week. By Saturday, I’d already looked into the process of marriage via courthouse and Googled “best places to elope.” I made Groom3000 promise we wouldn’t have a wedding. He reluctantly agreed as long as I’d stop crying all the time.

I can be such a drama queen.

Sunday –Bride3000 gets a grip: Lunch with my family for my dad’s birthday. Of course, wedding plans came up in conversation, making Groom3000 cringe with the image of my bawling and yelling the night before.

Yes, there were some tears, but sitting down with my parents and seriously talking about our wedding budget gave me the reality check I needed. I’d been searching for the wrong venues, and I completely ignored Groom3000’s desire to have a real wedding with all of our friends and family—sorry, babe.

After lunch, I had renewed determination to make a realistic list of venues. Hello—there are plenty of beautiful wedding venues to fit my budget if I search within my price range. Duh! I dug out all my local wedding magazines with directories of wedding venues labeled by dollar sign. I highlighted all the venues labeled “$$” out of “$$$$$” and started sending email requests.

Today—Bride3000 takes a break: Spring break is next week and Groom3000 and I are seeing four venues in suburban Maryland. (I’ll post the possible candidates after we make our final selection.) It’s exciting to think that we’ll most likely know where we’re getting married by the end of the month! Groom3000 is just relieved I finally turned off the waterworks.

Now I’m wondering: How should I prepare for these visits? Are there any questions I absolutely can’t forget to ask these wedding coordinators?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello blog world!

Call me Bride3000. Groom3000 and I got engaged over Valentine's Day (story to come later, I promise) and I couldn't be more thrilled. (There's been more than a couple occasions when I catch myself staring at my gorgeous ring instead of listening to a professor's lecture. But really, can you blame me?) After reading a slew of wedding blogs, I decided to try exercising my writing skills outside of a newspaper and start my own blog. Groom3000 said I talk his ear off enough about our wedding plans, I can surely find enough to talk about for a blog. I think he's right--I'll give it a try.

 Introducing Bride and Groom 3000.

After we graduate in May, Groom3000 and I are moving from our Maryland homes to Seattle where Groom will start his new job and (fingers-crossed), I'll start mine. On top of finding our first apartment, starting new jobs, living in a new city where we know hardly anyone and being independent from our parents for the first time---we're planning a wedding!

Planning a wedding=stressful. Planning a wedding from across the country=gotta be more stressful, right?

We aim to get married in June 2011 in suburban Maryland. To be honest, we know more details about our honeymoon (southern Italy!) than our wedding. Maybe it's because I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. Even though I've a)attended a wedding expo, b)read more than 5 wedding magazines and c)spent countless hours sucked into various wedding blogs, I find myself seriously overwhelmed! Maybe it's because I'm not the girl who's been dreaming about her wedding since she walked down the "aisle" with Teddy Bear at age 5. Nope, I'm starting from scratch--I'll keep you posted!