Monday, April 19, 2010

Seeing Green

It's been a while since I've posted. Every time Groom or Momma3000 ask if I've added a new post, I always tell them "Noooo, there are no new developments to blog about!" However, it might also be because I'm stressed with schoolwork and sending out my first job applications. Or, I might be lazy. No matter the excuse, I apologize for the MIA.

One aspect of the wedding I have not discussed is the color theme. When I first started reading wedding magazines, I kept reading that one of the first steps of planning a wedding is selecting a theme, using words like "romantic," "whimsical," and "DIY." My problem: what the heck does any of that mean?

So, I forgot the fancy-pants words and opted to choose a color palette to work with. Despite all my indecisiveness, choosing the colors came quite naturally. It's a summer wedding, but I really love a chocolate brown (hello, who doesn't love chocolate?). Brown + pink or blue = WAY overdone. Instead, I thought of Groom3000's favorite color: green. The earthiness of a deep brown and brighter green, with a peachy-orange to highlight the palette, came to me while sitting in a 3-hour (yawns-ville) lecture. As soon as I jotted down the idea I knew we had a winner.

We're going with green for the five bridesmaids. I love brown, but c'mon, this is a summer party here!  I've been playing around on the David's Bridal website. I like the idea of going through David's for dresses because I can see the dresses in person in Seattle and my BMs can try-on and purchase their dresses at their local store. I also love the affordable prices and the fact that a large percentage of the dresses come in green, so each girl can choose the dress-style she loves best (and will hopefully be able to wear again in future).

But herein lies a question: which shade of green? David's has two contenders:



Keeping in mind the color palette, and that our wedding will be a summer evening, and that we hope to have a lot of greenery in our decor (ivy?), what's the opinion out there?


  1. I already voted for Clover via FB; also, I'm way ahead of you. I've already looked at all the short dresses offered in green at David's Bridal, and I think your sample dress is my fave (maybs). But I won't fight your bridesmaids for it, I swear.

  2. Clover fo' sho'.That one and the brown will be beautiful together with orange as an accent. I think the other green will want to fight as a brighter accent color with the orange.

    Good luck with everything Vicki :)

  3. Considering this wedding is really all about making me look good, I won't be able to decide what color until I see a swatch against my skin.
    Oh, and Kelsey, I will fight you for the best bridesmaid dress. And you know I fight dirty.

  4. Wow, I seriously thought that Kelly would win out! I think Clover is classier for an evening affair--yay for a possible color decision!!! 2 outta 5 bridesmaids approve :)

  5. definitely clover!

  6. Ok so I must be crazy but I'm all about the Kelly because I think it matches the orange flower you chose above better, and I think it's a better color for summer...but I think the dress style in both pictures is really pretty!

  7. Congrats on choosing a color scheme, I still have narrow mine down! :)