Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Meet (not so) Cute

I went to the podiatrist today and talked wedding biz with Nurse Wendy, who is also engaged, which reminded me that I should post another blog while sitting in my three-hour (a.k.a. lecture from hell) class. Honestly, final exams are coming up so we haven't done much of any planning (womp womp womp). The story du jour is how Groom3000 and I met. For those of you who hate mushy stuff--consider yourself warned. 

"Our" story is not romantic, cutesy, or any sort of fairy tale. If Groom3000 has his way, the story we'll tell our children involves Groom3000 saving me from a snowy avalanche in the Alps. In truth, we "met" in the way I think many college students meet -- a party. (I say "met" because the first time we actually met, Groom3000 was "dating" someone else and I honestly didn't care about him. This is the time I actually paid attention to him).

Picture the typical college party--the beer pong table, the jungle juice, the Natty Lite cans everywhere. Yep, that's where these lovebirds came to realize that they might be onto something. It was the start of our junior year. Although we'd never really had a conversation before, I remember Groom3000 asking where Madagascar was on the globe, and me being a geography nerd (back in the day, my dad and I used to play "the globe game") let him know. And the rest is history! (Mainly the rest of the night is kinda...fuzzy, if you know what I mean, ha ha).

A week later, Groom took me on a date to Outback Steakhouse (fancy for college students and does this girl LOVE chicken on the barbie!). After dinner, we went back to his on-campus apartment where he had a bottle of wine and a homemade SNICKERS PIE waiting for us! I was impressed--a man who prepares for a date AND is good in the kitchen?!?! Impossible! 

After a few dates (including a blustery ghost tour of D.C.), I was hooked! Groom3000 and I can talk and laugh and be silly together for hours. He is my best friend and I'm so lucky to have such a smart, funny, gentle, and TOLERANT man in my life. He cooks for me (we have maybe TOO good of a relationship with food, ha ha), listens when I complain and rant (probably too often), and assures me that I'm amazing whenever I need an extra boost in spirit. I can't wait to marry such a wonderful man! 


  1. I dunno I think it's a pretty darn cute story if you ask me....our story isn't too mushy and nor is it a fated tale of two souls meeting by chance lol...actually met through Myspace and at first I didn't want to give this strange overly nice guy the time of day, but eventually that obviously changed.

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