Sunday, September 12, 2010

An Ode to Cupcakes

How is it that I don't really like cake but I can't get enough of these cupcakes?!?!

I lived in the D.C. area for years and never once went to Georgetown Cupcake, now the star of its own TLC show, DC Cupcakes. Now that I've moved out to the Seattle area, Groom 3000 and I can't get enough of these local cupcake boutiques! They're everywhere! 

So far, we've been to New York Cupcakes where we picked up a six-pack of day-old cupcakes (by far cheaper than buying them fresh and just as good!) The packs came prepackaged so we got a variety of yummy (and pretty!) cupcakes. 

We found Pinkabella by accident. While strolling through an outdoor mall, I saw a lady walking with a pack of cupcakes. I had to go find those cupcakes. The searching around the mall paid off--we found Pinkabella and enjoyed two of their super cute and super delicious treats--with milk, of course. The shop itself is a pink wonderland--like you'd imagine your grandma's kitchen to be, if your grandma made hundreds of cupcakes every day. 

A beautiful Pinkabella tower of deliciousness. 

My favorite cupcake joint so far has got to be Trophy Cupcakes. Amid the Luis Vuitton and Gucci couture shops, there's this little cupcake place I wish I could call home. I had a salted caramel chocolate cupcake from this place (with some milk! Oh, 2% makes a cupcake go down soooo smoothly!) and I can't wait to go back. 

All this talk of cupcakes makes me really wish we'd looked into cupcakes as opposed to your standard wedding cake. I hear cupcakes are all the rage, but it all makes so much sense! You order the number you need, you can have as much variety as you want, and they're perfectly portioned! Did you know there's a standard size piece of cake? How do you cut the cake so precisely? Do you use a ruler? Gah! 

Before we moved, we met with Groom's stepsister's pastry chef colleague who baked us a mini yellow cake with chocolate icing in the cooking school kitchen. It made Groom3K so happy to have almost a whole cake to himself! Not only did we get a great deal on our cake (she only charges PER PERSON..not per size of the cake), we also got the flexibility to design our own cake. Chef drew up three sketches--a taller and narrower 3-tiered cake, a standard 3-tiered cake, and a tall 4-tiered cake. The dramatic shape of the 4-tiered version made it an obvious choice.  

Still, I can't help but dream of towers of cupcakes...



P.S. Countdown to the great dress hunt: 6 days!


  1. You make me drool too! That one from Wow. To.Die.For!

  2. How come you're not blogging anymore? I wanted to find out how your dress hunt went! :(

  3. Hello! Me and my girlfriends are obsessed with cupcake boutiques. I thought about having a cupcake tower as well at my wedding. You can read about it here!