Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bride3000 is back in business, baby!

It's been SO long since I've last posted and let me tell you, moving across the country is no simple task! That's right, we made our move to Seattle in late July and after a month of adjusting, unpacking, and settling in, I think we're finally at a point where we can take a deep breath and relax!

We completed so much of our wedding planning over the summer on purpose so we didn't have to worry about it once we moved. Good thing--moving is a lot of work! So let's refresh--I'm Bride3000--I'm planning my Summer 2011 wedding in Maryland from my new home in Seattle, and Groom3000 and I just graduated from college in May. It's been a wild summer but I'll do my best to catch you up in upcoming posts. But before I do that, I gotta share that I'm shopping for my wedding gown IN TWO WEEKS!!! Mom and Dad 3000 are coming to visit and then it's one hardcore dress shopping day. Yea, that's right--we have one day to try on, pick out, and buy. Am I crazy???

I've made my appointments at three local bridal shops and pray that one of them has "it." You know, "IT." The one that will make me bawl my eyes out. Now, Randy on "Say Yes to the Dress" says "it" doesn't always happen--but I know myself. When I find the dress, I'll just know. It happened when Groom3000 and I found my engagement ring--I tried on other rings but my mind kept coming back to one.

I can't imagine what I'll look like in a wedding gown. I tried on two--not because I wanted to, but because we were in David's Bridal looking at bridesmaids dresses and mom "made me"--and I just didn't know what to feel except "SO. MUCH. FABRIC."

But now that the real Dress Day is coming, I'm getting more and more excited to begin (and finish) the search. I have a budget--no more than $1000. It's crazy how much you can spend on a dress you'll wear once for only a few hours! Unbelievable!

Luckily, there are designers out there who understand. And the dresses are beautiful! I think I'd love a lace dress, and I've found a couple I can't wait to try on.

There's this one from Casa Blanca Bridal (style 2004 from the Fall 2010 collection):

And these from Allure Bridals:

Style 8751:

Style 8764:

Style 8770:

(On a side note: I WISH my hair looked this good when it was down.)

Anyone else looking for dresses? Am I crazy to try this in one day!?!?


  1. Three appointments is not terrible but leave yourself time for lunch! Recharge your battery or you will hate all the dresses at the third place just because you are cranky. . . that happened to me. Haha.
    Good luck! Can't wait to see more pictures.

  2. Love dress #3. But I think #4 would look best on you.
    I wish I could see all of the dresses you're going to try on!!

  3. Not that I have experience dress shopping, but you know I'm a "Say Yes to the Dress" addict. I absolutely believe you can find your dress in one day! Just remember exactly what you said about your ring, if you're still thinking about it hours later, it's the one. I love the choices you have up here!

  4. I love dresses 2 - 4 w/ particular emphasis on 2 & 3 [ & in that order ] :) this is so exciting yet stressful but like you said, when you find it, you will just know :) Please update which dress you choose!

  5. Welcome back! I love all the choices you posted! They are lovely, but I am biased since I love lace soooo much!

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