Monday, June 21, 2010

A Cake Confession

I don't like cake.

There, I said it.

I honestly don't know why. I have a HUGE sweet tooth, but sometimes the sponginess of the cake and dense icing is too much for my mouth. I'd take pie or cookies over cake ANY day.

Regardless, we're having a traditional wedding cake at our wedding. Groom3000 LOVES cake, so how could we not?

We had our first tasting today (of two) at a local bakery. Going in, we had a few ideas: square, off-set tiers, not a ton of decoration, and within $400. And we want chocolate icing. Yes, the traditional wedding cake is white. But for these chocoholics, a chocolate iced cake is a MUST! Besides, it's different, and we like that, too.

Mmmm, chocolate...drool.
Photo courtesy of www.annsbakery.ied 

So, today's tasting went...quick? We only sampled two flavors (chocolate and yellow) and two icings (Italian buttercream and regular buttercream). Although I wish we'd tasted some of the more specialized flavors (strawberry, lemon, butternut, etc.) the yellow and chocolate cakes were REALLY good! Moist and yummy--and I don't really like cake, remember? I preferred the Italian buttercream: less sweet so I could probably eat more of it :)

So the cake was good! But, the prices were a little surprising. A square cake costs much more than a circular cake. (Apparently, corners are costly!) In order to be in our budget, we'd have to go with a circular-tiered cake. I don't care either way, but Groom3K seemed a little sad about it ("Square cakes are more geometrically pleasing to the eyes"--I just love my math nerd). BUT, unlike most bakeries, we can pick from any cake flavor or filling for the same price. A definite plus since most bakeries charge more for special flavors.

We'll have another tasting in July with a pastry chef friend of Groom's sister. I look forward to comparing the pricing (and taste!)

Speaking of taste, we're having our reception menu tasting on Wednesday--steak, chicken, shrimp--now that's more like it! More to come!


  1. mmmmm hearing (reading) all this cake talk is making me hungry and I may or may not be salivating as I type this....sounds like you guys had a good experience...I am with you though on the plain jane cakes that we tried...they just weren't doing it! I liked the places that gave us full real slices of cake with the real fillings to try....none of that white cake with buttercream crap!

  2. Oh yum! I'm a yellow cake kind of girl, but chocolate is great, too. After all, it's chocolate!

  3. Cake or not, tastings can be some of the most fun of wedding planning!

  4. I cannot wait to do a cake tasting! mmmm. I want to try a maple frosting although your Italian buttercream sounds good too. I don't like super sweet frosting.

  5. Why don't you just have a friend bake it? It would probably taste better, be more special, and you wouldn't have to spend hundreds on what really costs like $10 to make.