Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pack, pack, pack---ackkk!

It seems like forever since I moved home from college, but still all I've been doing is pack. Unpack. Repack. Box. Bag. This post is not about the wedding (non-wedding related a.k.a. NWR) because packing has become so time consuming.

We're moving in a month and a half to Seattle but already the movers are coming to look at all our stuff. As of right now, my stuff is kinda all over my house. Momma3000 is just a little stressed about it to say the least. 

With my parents looking to move as well, I'm not only having to go through my typical belongings, but all my childhood possessions. Going through this stuff proves difficult when you're as sentimental as I am. For example: I went through all my old Barbies and found my favorite one--Wet n' Wild Christie. She had THE best hair (I've always been jealous of those with luscious locks), but one day, while dressing her, her head popped off. Yikes! 

A real Wet n' Wild Christie on eBay--too cool! I almost thought about buying a replacement!

What did I decide to do with my broken doll? I kept the head with her still-beautiful hair, of course! What am I going to do with it? I dunno. I just couldn't part with it!

This is probably how I've come to accumulate so much stuff in my short life. Groom3000 and I encounter a similar problem when going through our childhood things: we know we want to save some of the more precious possessions to share with our future children, but how do you decide what is precious enough to keep? Groom couldn't stand the thought of giving away his marble collection (do kids today even know how to play marbles). I feel guilty about giving some things away. But let's be serious: when we finally do have children, I know we're going to want to buy a whole slew of new stuff! I mean, have you seen the cool toys around today? A traditional Barbie just might not cut it.  

Although going through all my childhood stuff is not so fun, the good thing about our moving and my parents moving at the same time is they want to get rid of a lot of their furniture! You don't need that way-too-1980s-style couch that was hardly ever sat on because it was in the "formal" living room? A new brown slipcover and wow, we have a brand new couch! Groom's mom is looking for an excuse to upgrade her bedroom set and PRESTO! We're lucky our parents are so generous and we don't have to buy a ton of furniture once we get out West since I'll probably need to invest in a solid pair of rainboots (or a couple pairs).

You can't even tell this couch is 20+ years old!

On top of packing, we're in full wedding-planning mode. After vacation, we have a cake tasting, a meeting with our DJ, our reception menu tasting (surprise!), AND the movers are coming to survey our stuff. Gah!

Anyone else have a hard time letting go when going through their childhood possessions? What got to stay and what (unfortunately) had to go?

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