Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello blog world!

Call me Bride3000. Groom3000 and I got engaged over Valentine's Day (story to come later, I promise) and I couldn't be more thrilled. (There's been more than a couple occasions when I catch myself staring at my gorgeous ring instead of listening to a professor's lecture. But really, can you blame me?) After reading a slew of wedding blogs, I decided to try exercising my writing skills outside of a newspaper and start my own blog. Groom3000 said I talk his ear off enough about our wedding plans, I can surely find enough to talk about for a blog. I think he's right--I'll give it a try.

 Introducing Bride and Groom 3000.

After we graduate in May, Groom3000 and I are moving from our Maryland homes to Seattle where Groom will start his new job and (fingers-crossed), I'll start mine. On top of finding our first apartment, starting new jobs, living in a new city where we know hardly anyone and being independent from our parents for the first time---we're planning a wedding!

Planning a wedding=stressful. Planning a wedding from across the country=gotta be more stressful, right?

We aim to get married in June 2011 in suburban Maryland. To be honest, we know more details about our honeymoon (southern Italy!) than our wedding. Maybe it's because I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. Even though I've a)attended a wedding expo, b)read more than 5 wedding magazines and c)spent countless hours sucked into various wedding blogs, I find myself seriously overwhelmed! Maybe it's because I'm not the girl who's been dreaming about her wedding since she walked down the "aisle" with Teddy Bear at age 5. Nope, I'm starting from scratch--I'll keep you posted!


  1. what a cutie :)

    good luck in your journey i look forward to helping as much as i can

  2. Bride 3000 is incredibly cute. Groom 3000 is really lucky.